An example of plasterwork

Insurance Work & Refurbishment

We offer competitive tender to insurance companies, undertaking both commercial and domestic assessments, project management and refurbishment.

The quality of our work is easily assessed by our long standing in the building profession and the stature of companies for whom we work.

Insurers or domestic customers looking for a competitive quote should contact us.

One of our team of plasterers

Domestic Plastering

John Tolton Plastering Ltd undertake all types of plastering including lathe and plaster, float and set and, of course, traditional plastering for domestic clients.

Traditional Plastering: Lathe and Plaster

Lathe and plaster is typically used for restoration work on ceilings in older properties required when structural, water or fire damage has occurred. This type of plastering is also used where rounded or undulating walls prohibit the use of drylining or plasterboard.

Float and Set

Float and set is perhaps the more common type of plaster work, using thee coats of plaster, one applied as a key directly to the wall surface, the second used as a levelling coat and the last for a smooth finishing coat.

Standard Plastering

Our highly skilled teams can skim any size of project, from a room, house, or mansion. Such works can be completed to your timescales, since our labour force is extensive and we offer the manpower to meet the task. Our quality control is supervised by site foremen who ensure we provide you with the professional level of service you would naturally expect form our company.


John Tolton Plastering can repair minor or large imperfections in your home. We employ a dedicated team who specialise in patching work, making good seamless repairs to existing plasterwork. You will be unable to detect the restoration.

Please contact us and we will do our utmost to offer a highly competitive quote.