An example of domestic screeding

Insurance Work & Refurbishment

We offer competitive tender to insurance companies, undertaking both commercial and domestic assessments, project management and refurbishment.

The quality of our work is easily assessed by our long standing in the building profession and the stature of companies for whom we work.

Insurers or domestic customers looking for a competitive quote should contact us.

An example of ISO screeding edge

We use screed fibre to prevent cracking

Screed and Latex Flooring

John Tolton Plastering Ltd provide a range of services which can meet all of your domestic flooring requirements whether it be new build or old renovation work.

Domestic Screeding

We always lay screed to NHBS (National House Builders Association) specifications, using professional ISO rubber as an acoustic damper and ISO edge which prevents noise travel to interior and exterior walls, if required, as shown in the illustrations.

Using our professional screed pump, John Tolton Plastering cater for all types of floor screeding work. If access to your property proves difficult, use of a screed pump permits a hose length of up to 120 metres, although increased distance is possible should the job require it.

Screeding Techniques

We apply screed to a maximum of 65 millimetres. Thicker screed can be achieved but must be compacted and applied in layers of 65 millimetres. Alternatively, Lytag may be used to gain additional depth without the need for compacting and also reduces the load-bearing weight when, for example, it is applied to a mezzanine floor.

Fibres are also introduced in to the screed to prevent cracking.


Latex is used when an unlevel floor presents problems. We apply various types of latex dependant on the job requirements, i.e. self-levelling, water-based or chemical-based levelling compound, which rectifies uneven flooring of all types - concrete or screed - and allows one to lay carpet, wood flooring or tiling directly onto the surface.

Latex can also be used to repair damaged concrete or screeded floors without the need to replace the entire surface.

Please contact us and we will do our utmost to offer a highly competitive quote.