An example of light rose monocouche

Insurance Work & Refurbishment

We offer competitive tender to insurance companies, undertaking both commercial and domestic assessments, project management and refurbishment.

The quality of our work is easily assessed by our long standing in the building profession and the stature of companies for whom we work.

Insurers or domestic customers looking for a competitive quote should contact us.

An example of domestic high build

Pebbledashing, Monocouche and Rendering

John Tolton Plastering Ltd offer external house finishing and weather proofing with pebbledashing, monocouche and other rendered finishes to both protect and smarten residential properties in the Northampton area.


Monocouche is a French term and refers to the nature of the rendering in that it may be applied as a single coloured coating to the outside of buildings. It comprises White Portland cement as a binder and a pigment to add colour. The surface may be either left smooth or scraped for decorative purposes.


Although not as fashionable as it once was, pebbledashing remains in use as an affordable facelift to tired, dilapidated buildings. It may be applied then painted over or polished stone chips may be carefully selected for an ornamental finish.

As well as applying pebbledash, we can also repair blown areas or remove it entirely and re-render with a smoother render such as monocouche.

High Build

High build is applied onto plasterboard ceilings or walls which seals plasterboard weatherproofed external use. Although not recommended for direct contact with water it will withstand moisture and general exposure to the elements. It is often applied to the ceilings on underpasses or pedestrian tunnelways. It also provide a decorative stippled finish.

Tyrolean Render

Tyrolean is applied either as a wet mix or a dry render, 6 - 8mm deep, and is a durable and weatherproof external finish available in a range of colours; we are well versed in either finish.

Please contact us and we will do our utmost to offer a highly competitive quote.