Sound coating applied to an internal wall

Insurance Work & Refurbishment

We offer competitive tender to insurance companies, undertaking both commercial assessments, project management and refurbishment.

The quality of our work is easily assessed by our long standing in the building profession and the stature of companies for whom we work.

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Sound Coating

John Tolton Plastering Ltd regularly apply sound coating to parting walls in terraced properties to inhibit environmental noise pollution and provide a solution to dampen neighbouring noise.

Types of Sound Coating

We work with four types of sound coating: sand and cement, British Gypsum sound coat, Knauf parge coat and Lafarge sound coat.

If access to your building is restricted, we would recommend using British Gypsum, Knauf or Lafarge sound coat rather than sand and cement because the former 3 are supplied in manageable bags and only require mixing with water. Another advantage over sand and cement is the quick setting time - usually an hour, dependant upon ambient temperature. Furthermore, a cement mixer is not required.

The sound coat is ordinarily applied 6 millimetres in thickness and a key applied to the surface to both disperse sound at different directions and provide adhesion for subsequent applications of plasterboard, etc.

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Tender and Pricing

John Tolton plastering employs a number of quantity surveyors to ensure a competitive and fast quotation for the work you require undertaken. Our fast tender turnaround means we can undertake jobs at short notice, where perhaps you have been let down by an existing contractors, require additional on-site labour or your build need to be fast-tracked.

On-site Quality Control

Our experienced foremen oversee all work undertaken and liase with site agents and staff by regular site visits and constant and reliable communication, ensuring any challenges are immeidately identified and resolved.