An example of ornate ceiling coving

Insurance Work & Refurbishment

We offer competitive tender to insurance companies, undertaking both commercial assessments, project management and refurbishment.

The quality of our work is easily assessed by our long standing in the building profession and the stature of companies for whom we work.

Insurers or commercial customers looking for a competitive quote should contact us.

Coving trim applied round light recess

Coving, Cornice, Ceiling Roses and Artexing

John Tolton Plastering Ltd undertake ceiling coving, cornice and decorative moulding work as well as reforming and repairing exiting coving for commercial customers.

Coving Work Undertaken

As can be seen from the details below, we have extesive experience in this area and our coving and cornice teams can undertake any and all projects presented to us.

Types of Coving

Traditional ceiling coving comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, and may be both rigid and flexible for use on curved walls and ceilings. We have experience with all forms of coving and can offer a range of cost-effective solutions for a single room, a house or country home.

Ceiling Rose and Cornice Reforming

We are experienced ornamental plaster moulders and can restore almost any type of decorative plasterwork to original condition. Please contact us for a rose or cornice restoration or for a quotation to fit a room or entire large-scale project.


We can supply an extensive range of artexing from the simple and sublime to more sophisticated decorative patterns. Our dedicated coving and artexing team are highly experienced and can provide you with your own bespoke design, should you not find something to your liking in our standard range.

Tender and Pricing

John Tolton plastering employs a number of quantity surveyors to ensure a competitive and fast quotation for the work you require undertaken. Our fast tender turnaround means we can undertake jobs at short notice, where perhaps you have been let down by an existing contractors, require additional on-site labour or your build need to be fast-tracked.

On-site Quality Control

Our experienced foremen oversee all work undertaken and liase with site agents and staff by regular site visits and constant and reliable communication, ensuring any challenges are immeidately identified and resolved.